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And by “readers” I mean you. I know that I have a circulation of about 2, including me. We should meet for tea sometime.

I‘m just letting everyone know I’ve moved on to bigger and better thangs, yo. Check it:


LiveJournal is free, but ugly. Now, I have a blog that‘s free and pretty. Besides, my site’s mascot is a peewit. LiveJournal: A goat. Right-o.

I‘ll be using this name for comments, now.

Recent Events

President Bush was reelected with the majority vote, and the GOP controls both houses. Well, all three houses. Hmm..

Wednesday, nothing of interest occured.
Thursday I attended a rather long FIRST meeting. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed. Mrs. DeFreest ran most of it... Come on, can't you find any dedicated, competent leaders to handle the meetings? In FIRST's own defense, there aren't Team Captains yet, so that will come in time. Most of it was about fund raising. Goodie. I have to write an article for FIRST Lego League. I also spent part of the meeting with Tally Guill talking about programming the controls for the robot. It was a long meeting.

Friday, I again found something unsettling about someone I care about. I'm sure I'll get over it.

Last football game. West v Memorial. Memorial won, huge upset victory. Blaaaaaah. It was pretty cold, too. I sent a freshman, Alexis Ploss, out to take pictures. I hope they turned out alright.

Rachael was there, borrowing my fleece blanket. She was so adorable, hopping up and down to stay warm.

After band, the quote of the night came from Marcie.
Becca: Marcie, can I move into your locker?
Marcie: I don't know, it's a pretty big step...

They're putting a sprinkler line from outside in through one corner of the band locker room. The Clarinet shelf has to be moved, so people were trying to find homes for their things. And that's all she wrote.
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Birthday: My seventeenth birthday was September 26. This is just a little backlogged. My birthday present was the Apple Airport for wireless internet, since I have a matching Apple iBook. So, we rode down to Salem to the mall and picked it up out of the Apple store. We had a nice dinner outside... Well, actually, it was just burgers and cake. Took some nice pictures. There was also a Creamsicle cake. I can't say it was that fantastic, but it was still my birthday.

Salem: The annual Salem band show came and went. It was amazing. Since I missed last year because of the hospital, it was my first band show out on their field. There were some great performances. For example, Londonderry did "Wizard of Oz" with a hot-air balloon and a giant flag rainbow for their finale. There were two Pirates of the Carribean shows, and Concord did basically the same show as us. We did the Chuck Mangione opener, followed by Too Much Time on My Hands by Styx, Rockin' the Paradise by Styx, and then Land of Make Believe by Mangione. They did Mr. Roboto, Best of Times, and Rockin' the Paradise (same song, basically). But they marched like they were drunk and our music was better. It was a good time. Mariah Goerner, my section leader, had just come back from Ireland, and that was exciting to see her. She had come straight from the airport and hadn't been home yet.

At Salem, Becky Noyes announced to us that she wanted to go into Music Education. Good for her. Again, I don't know what I'm going to do. Can I actually handle... Be competent as... a doctor? Do I wind up as a journalist, or teacher...? What inspires me to do either?

Naturally, the only thing I want to do is write My Book. And have it published. And have it read, and I want it to be the greatest book of its era, to be elevated to the rank of Hemmingway, or J. K. Rowling, Madeline D'Elenge, or both.

In any event, Salem was a good show.

The Blueprint is underway, but no news to report.

What else...? Political debate for the Student Council. I was the Republican student with Joe Kelly Levasseur versus Some Kerry Dweeb and Zach Blatt. W/e. It was supposed to be Lavasseur versus D'Allasendro, and that debate has been in the works for three years. Oh well. I was asked some questions that I felt strongly in, and then I was asked some questions I had to pull out of my ass. I suppose my political beliefs come down to this: Whatever I can achieve, I want to be the one to achieve it. I don't want to have Uncle Sam do it for me.

My Opinion, a day late:
BUSH> Taxes, strong on terror, sound economic plan, extremely sound Socal Security
KERRY> Health care, education (<-debatable), decent economic plan, defensive on terror, no social securtiy.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't, right? But Bush won, of course, and now I'm seriously debating if that's a good thing. Here's why it is:

The two-party system is like trying to raise a painter's platform by pullies. You know, rope looped around the ends of a board. First, you pull up one end, and it's slanted. Then, you pull up the opposite end, and the first end slips down a bit, and it's slanted in the other way, and vice versa, and overall it's two steps forward, one step back.

So, Bush came in and threw a wrench in the works. He cut taxes, changed education a lot, and mobilized the military en masse. Two steps forward (in some direction). The opposite, the liberals, immedietely started shrieking about the wealthiest one percent, the failure of his education measures, and the draft (My Lord, you should hear Ms. McGorry bitch about the draft).

But under Clinton, he stabilized the government, raised taxes, changed health care, etc... And the conservatives immedietly started shrieking about the socialization of medicine, the increase in government pork, etc...

Two steps forward, one step back.

So, four more years of Bush. When you look at it, can it be that bad? I really don't think you can blame the economy on Bush. The war... Yes. Easily. We have overstayed our welcome in Iraq, but two years ago, eight out of ten people loved the war. It was a tool for positive change... For a while.

Either way, it's four more years of a paradigm shift. Then... in 2008...

Two new candidates. Not re-electing Bush, not re-electing Kerry. A clean start. A chance to get the plank levelled. That is the number one reason I was cheering for Bush.

America will still be around in 2008. Personally, I think the economy will be on the upswing, the troop deployment worldwide will the changed, and troop deployment in the Middle East will be much more pleasant for everyone. Bush is brighter than he sounds. Or looks.

While I'm on the topic: If you have said, anytime in the last twelve months, that Bush was going to use nuclear weapons, I hope he points them at your forehead. Thank you.

So anyways...

Red Sox won the world series. I may not live to see that again. But West is doing well, the Pats had a 21-game win streak, the West Girl's Soccer team are on top of the world... Good year for sports.

Ughm... Think...

Yesterday, I took my driver's test. Right on Canal Street, it was easy. I have it now, no car. It was a red letter day. Then, I went to Rachael Roy's to celebrate, and it was easily one of the best days of my life.
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Marissa: Gosh. So, "Nichole Natalya Bencivenga," and Maryland, eh?
Jamie: *shrug*
Marissa: You'll be her Godfather.
Jamie: I'm genuinely touched.

Marissa: Unless you're the actual father.
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Red Sox win 4-0 versus the St. Louis Cardinal's.

86 years.

I've never believed in curses.

I don't think my grandfather lived 86 years.
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Shoutout to JP

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

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Things I need to write about:
My birthday (?)

Most of the time, my blog is more of a log than a... B? Here's my thought for the day. I always want to be seen as someone who likes who he is and doesn't care at all about anyone else's opinions of that. I never want to be seen as someone who thinks he has all the answers but doesn't. I don't think I'd like to have all the answers either, really.

More later.
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Quotes of the Day:

For a Friday, it was nice. A Friday without football. Wow.
Maybe going to see a movie tonight.
Big events: Everyone I've spoken to said the band who played at Harvest last year was quite... Dismal. It's easy to say that one person is entitled to their opinion, but when an entire English class groans in unison... Eeew.

Of course I can't judge, I wasn't at Harvest last year.

Today I learned I had an 83 on my US History class. I consider anything above a C phenominal. So: Say my name! Go on, say it! Say it!

Here are the quotes for the day:
US History: "Immedietely after Washington was elected he faced his first scandel. How do you address the President?"
Nick: "You Can Call Me Al."

Mr. Adams: Stacy, who are you winking at?
Stacy: ... Christina.
(Christina is sitting band out because she had given blood today)
Mr. Adams: I'm always the last to know. *Wink*

Actually, today was the second day in the row Mr. Adams and I were in the bathroom at the same time. It's kind of eerie. I believe in a certain bathroom ettiqute: Don't take the urinal next to a urinal that is occupied if at all possible and B. Don't talk.

Mr. Adams mentioned that selling coffee in the bathroom would be a good fundraiser. I agree (except for the Health Department deal). Think about it: Once the caffene moves through you, you're ready for a second cup!

I lost Sarah Nasson's medallion after Salem. I'm a little worried: It's such a beautiful thing, and it's one of the few things I can look at and instantly think of her.


Yesterday was rather unassuming, except for the first day of concert band. I completely spilled my guts out to Rachael on the phone, and it felt perfect.

First day for the new SC kids.

More later.
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